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The new creative economy could use a boost. How?

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Real Time Trading - Web3 X Webflow Template

Gig & Collaboration Request

Discover or be discovered. Initiate a smart contract that handles payments with the click of a button and get to work. Creating a gig has never been easier.

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Advanced filters

Search for creators, gigs and events based on their industry, their title and their proximity to you. Filter based on their audience and reach.

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Advanced analytics*

Brands and creators on a premium plan can dive into advanced analytics about their audience and potential influencers.

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Fully customizable profiles

Bring the customizability of your lock-screen to your creator profile. Use the profile grid to showcase content, interests and links to your online presence using widgets and custom themes.

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Monetize your work*

Your work gets uploaded as an NFT and featured on our NFT launchpad. Allow fans to unlock that content in a subscription or one-off transaction. Control how your content can then be distributed.

Create Your First Wallet - Web3 X Webflow Template


Sell tickets under the form of NFTs directly to your attendees, all within the same platform.

Why web3?

The advancements of blockchain technology has accelerated the advancement of the New Creative Economy (NCE)


One of the key developments of blockchain technology. Allows creatives to be rewarded for their work in the digital era. NFTs are being widely adopted and are benefiting big industries such as fashion and events.


The future of content creation is decentralized. We can create our own content and share it with anyone else in the world without relying on big corporations.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are revolutionizing human-to-human agreements. Our platform will utilize smart contacts to accelerate the whole process from writing the contracts to payouts, all in a faster, cheaper and more secure manner.

Join the future of creativity, today.